Refuse any résumé sent to you if the headhunter did not provide you with such a service
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The new Bostitch MCN150 is a great nail gun for getting into smaller spaces,and it still manages to deliver all the drive and power that's required inorder to fix the connectors both safely and Osteotome 8mm Factory securely.The Bostitch MCN-150 Strap Shot Metal Connector Nailer is a pneumatic nail gun that has beendesigned with tough work in mind, the toughened steel wear guard’s serves toprotect the nail gun from otherwise excessive wear and tear via coming intocontact with the metal straps when it's beingf used.The exposed tip allows the fastener pointto be placed directly into theconnector holes, and has a safety device that's built in, to stop the nail gunfrom accidently firing when the tip is not properly aligned to the connectorhole, the Bostitch MCN-150 Nailer, makes attaching metal connectors accurate,fast and safer. The nails have been designed to drive through a metal connectoreven if the nail gun should mis-fire, thanks to the especially hardened nails.The outlet for the exhaust is adjustable and it allows it to be blown awayfrom the operator, adding to the comfort and ease of use. The special anti-jamfeature triggers a low nail lock out to stop the firing when there are fewerthan 5 nails left in the cartridge.

The lighter weight and compact design reduces fatigue and makes usingthe BostitchMCN-150 Nailer in difficult or confined spaces practical, convenient andsafe. It can be very disconcerting having to balance on a ladder 20 or morefeet above the ground holding on to a heavy piece of machinery and all thecables and hoses, while trying to attach a metal strapping at a difficult anglewith the other hand.The Metal Connector Nailer isa must have nailer with the new building regulations which have beenbrought into force in many states across the country; having a tool which hasbeen specifically designed to cope with metal strapping, makes attaching thestraps so much quicker, easier and safer.            

What should you be aware of when using an external (third party) headhunter?Working with headhunters can be a tricky issue. Just like any other business, there are headhunters who are genuinely concerned about their candidates and have their clients’ best interest at heart, while others who are out to make a fortune out of unsuspecting clients by doing sub-standard work.This, however, should not deter you in using a headhunter in fulfilling your staffing needs. After all, sourcing for the best candidates for their clients’ vacancies is what they do for a living – they have expertise and network that you may not have. In dealing with headhunters, all you need to have in mind are some ground rules:-Write it down. Make sure everything is recorded on paper – fee structure, guarantees, terms of payment etc. Refuse any résumé sent to you if the headhunter did not provide you with such a service agreement-Not all candidates hired are good.

Protect yourself from bad hire with guarantees from your headhunter – a 3-month period is the norm-Avoid paying fee based on a percentage of total compensation. Accept only fees quoted based on basic salary. You won’t want to pay headhunting fee on bonuses, allowances and the likes-Always enquire about the headhunter’s candidate screening process. Do they meet their top candidates? Phone interviews?-Headhunters work based on either a retainer fee (you pay up front, and as you go along) or a contingency fee (you pay only when they find someone). Get this agreement ironed out before the start of a search process-Do not accept résumés from headhunters you have no agreement with. That is unsolicited mail. Return it to the sender if you ever receive one.There are a lot of headhunters out there. Chose wisely. Look for one that serve your niche market, have good reputation and is professional in their dealings. A good headhunter will really hunt the best for you.            

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