A doctor with a degree in general dentistry may perform this surgery
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Dental implants are cosmetic dentistry devices that can permanently replace a tooth or a group of missing teeth. While other methods such as dentures work for many people, some have chosen to have dental implants to avoid some of the inconvenience of these other techniques. The procedures work by making a bone graft of the underlying tooth structure, which allows bone to grow on the surface of the implant. Once the bone has properly grown onto the implant, a crown is placed over the remainder of the tooth.

While this procedure may seem simple, it is a very complicated process that requires a large amount of preparation, in addition to a two-stage process to fully apply the dental implant. First, the dentist must have a detailed mapping of vital structures such as the sinus cavity and nerves. Many times, they will obtain a CT scan of their patients oral cavity to help determine the best method to create the bone graft. The first surgical procedure for applying the implants involves placing a surgical stent or cover screw at the site of the implant. This is how the dentist creates the bone graft; by allowing the mucosa to heal over the cover screw. Once the cover screw has healed in place, there is a second surgery to apply the implant. Dental implants carry a 95 percent success rate.

Unfortunately, a dental implant may fail if the implant does not fuse with the bone. Some implants fail if there is excessive bone loss or mobile teeth. Both procedures can be performed at an outpatient clinic under general anesthesia. There is no recognized specialty for implantology or cosmetic dentistry.

Therefore, a doctor with a degree in general dentistry may perform this surgery. However, it is best to find a doctor with a general focus in cosmetic dentistry because they will be better trained in applying dental Steven Scissor Suppliers implants. Although complications are slim, a number of complications are caused by the inexperience of the dentist. Additionally, there have been indications of higher failure rates among smokers. This is why most dentists will not perform the surgery until the patient has quit smoking for a significant amount of time. Dental implants fall under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry. Although these dentists are not technically specialists, there is a great deal of planning and craftsmanship that goes into restore their patients' smile and confidence. This permanent alternative to dentures is the best option in dental restoration.

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